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Listings of high school yearbooks for Lapeer West HS can be found below. You will find former students who are seeking yearbooks, those looking to sell a yearbook and general yearbook requests among the LWHS yearbook listings. This yearbook section was created to help alumni post yearbook classifieds.

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Class of 2003 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Ashley Bonesteel
Lost mine when my car was stolen, and now I need another one, if anyone has one or if the school has extras then please let me know.
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Class of 2000 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Annika Steier
I would like one because I like memories.
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Class of 1998 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Adam Nash
Hi, I'd like to see a yearbook for 98 my graduation year.
If anybody could send me my yearbook photo that would be awesome.
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Class of 1989 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Terry Sanders
Hi there! I am looking for a yearbook for the year I graduated, which is 1989. Due to my fathers death two months before graduation I never bought one. If anyone knows the publisher or info where I can order a reprint please let me know! Thanks! Terry
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Class of 1986 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Dan Tyler
I am looking for our senior class pictures or a yearbook online. Can you help me ?
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Class of 1969 Yearbooks

Yearbook Offer by Chuck Miller Iii
1968,69,70 yearbook
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Class of 1968 Yearbooks

Yearbook Request by Dale Allison
I am doing the Panthers of Lapeer on Facebook. I am looking for several different years to be added to to group. I will of accept books loaned a couple weeks. Check out the group and you will seen. A great group for remembering our beloved Panthers from the late 20's to the present.
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Yearbook Request by Victor Peters
Grad in 1968
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